Trevor Corrigan is an independent filmmaker currently living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

He recently graduated from Seneca's Visual Effects in Film and Television post-graduate program. He is in the final stages of post production of Betty Boom, produced by Echolands Creative Group.

Trevor has used and is familiar with the following programs:
Adobe Photoshop
Syntheyes Tracker
Adobe After Effects
Final Cut Pro
Adobe Premiere

He also worked as an independent contractor for various feature films and TV series including the two biggest TV series shot in Saskatchewan - Corner Gas & Little Mosque on the Prairie, as well as Super Hybrid, Lullaby for Pi, Stained and Hard Core Logo 2 with Canadian director Bruce McDonald. In 2009, Trevor also had the opportunity to gain experience and train as an visual effects assistant to Robert Bailey for a Hallmark Hall of Fame holiday feature film for CBS.

Trevor can be contacted at trevorcorrigan5(at)

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